Un Mundo Raro
experimental documentary
6:45 minutes

Un Mundo Raro is the title of one of José Alfredo Jiménez' greatest songs, which includes the line, 'when they ask about your past, say you come from a strange world where you've never known love or sorrow.' Un Mundo Raro/A Strange World is a short, experimental documentary video filmed in public space on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border. Propelled by a remixed indie rock song, fast paced scenes of high-stakes public life explore several themes: family, immigration, ecology, economics, the brutality of poverty and the drug trade. The relationship between image and sound is the inverse of Wallace's 2006 film El Otro Lado, in which human voice and nature recordings made in wildlife sanctuaries along the border carry the narrative while the border wall provides a relentless, rhythmic visual.


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