Are you an Indian or a Cowboy (Epilogue)
documentary multimedia installation
2:23 minutes

Richard Ray Whitman's ironic Confession No. 4, about the perils of being both an Indian and a cowboy, opens this excerpt in English and Yuchi from a multimedia project exploring authenticity and representation of The West. Anne Wallace collaborated with Oklahoma artists/poets Whitman and Joe Dale Nevaquaya to create a counterpoint to the objects on permanent view in the Sallie Reynolds Matthews Gallery of pioneer material culture at the Old Jail Art Center in Albany, TX. In addition to the audio work, objects, photographs and books for view and study invoke the presence of Black and Latino cowboys on area ranches and broaden the dialogue about the origins of western culture.
Some of the photographs in this video document were hanging on the gallery walls during the exhibition (see end credits) and others are relevant to the theme of the installation and have been included here to create a visual for the online sound clip.


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