The Río Grande meets the Gulf of México
2 channel video
4:18 minutes

For experimental documentary videos about the US/Mexico border, I have zigzagged back and forth, filming action along the entire 2000 mile line and interviewing all kinds of people. In 2004, in order to record the eastern end of the border, where the Rio Grande flows into the Gulf of Mexico, I rented a small plane to fly downriver and out over the ocean. This video was shot with a mini DV camera, hand held out a small window above my head on a windy day. We could not get high enough to encompass all of the enormous brown ring of warm, muddy water entering the cool gulf so I asked the pilot to fly the edge of the ring. Watching the footage later, it looked mysterious, like traveling along the edge of an eclipse. In dry years, because of heavy usage upstream, the River does not reach the Gulf.


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